10 Task Search Techniques That Will Change Everything You’ve Been Doing


Discovering the best task opportunities– and standing apart in a competitive market– is tough. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools and hacks out there that are developed to help you discover your dream task, more quickly and quickly than ever.
From an app that helps you enhance your resume for applicant tracking systems to a site that’ll keep all your applications in order, here are ten tools and ideas you’ve probably never heard about that can give your job search a serious boost.

1. Create a Twitter Job Search List to Track Job Listings From Thousands of Sources
Every day, recruiters are tweeting jobs they require to interview prospects for– making Twitter a seriously untapped resource for task seekers. To make sure you’re in the know about these leads, create a Twitter job search list that includes employers, hiring managers, company hiring handles, and job search websites. Then, review their tweets daily for potential opportunities.


2. Use JibberJobber to Keep Track of Information You Collect During Your Job Search
It’s simple to get disorganized during a task hunt. So, use a free tool such as JibberJobberto keep tabs on everything that’s going on. You can track the companies that you apply to, note each particular job that you make an application for, and log the status of each application (date of very first interview, date thank you letter sent, and so on).


3. Use LinkedIn Resume Builder to Create an Updated Resume Fast
If you’re like me, your LinkedIn profile is much more up to date than your actual resume. However, if you have to upgrade your resume fast for an available opportunity, don’t invest hours on your computer system. Instead, export your LinkedIn profile into a stylish looking resume utilizing LinkedIn’s Resume Builder.

4. Put a Short and Unique LinkedIn URL on Your Resume to Stand Out to Recruiters
Instead of using the URL that LinkedIn assigns you with letters and numbers, customize it, so it contains your name and the career field or job title you want to go into. (You can do this by clicking “edit profile” and clicking “Edit” beside your LinkedIn URL.) This extra keyword will help when employers are browsing for you, and sticking the URL on your resume will motivate employers to head to LinkedIn to learn more about you.

5. Use Resunate to See How Your Resume Scores on an Applicant Tracking System
Sick of not knowing if a human being is even reviewing the resume you worked so difficult on? Resunate is web-based software that shows you how your resume would score on the applicant tracking system– and helps you improve it for every job you obtain.

6. Usage SocialMention to Manage Your Online Reputation
While job searching, it’s essential to keep your credibility crystal clear. To monitor what’s being said about you online, check out Social Mention, a social media search, and analysis platform that aggregates user-generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information. It allows you to easily track and measure what people are saying about you across the web’s social media landscape in real-time.


7. Use LinkedIn Groups to Contact Someone You Don’t Have an Email For
If you desire to contact somebody at your dream company but can’t discover the right contact information anywhere, check out the person’s public LinkedIn profile and see what groups he or she is part of. Then, join the group where you share a mutual interest. Once you are in the same group, you can send a message through LinkedIn. Just make certain you include something about your typical interest in your message– it’ll make you appear like a networker, not a stalker.

8. Use Insight to Manage and Organize Business Cards You Collect
Insightly is a free CRM system that assists you to manage your essential contacts and relationships– and it’s a great tool for your job search. After you meet someone, put his or her contact information in this system, and write down important information you learned from your conversation. Then, create a reminder in the system to follow up on a certain date in the future.

9. Usage Contactually to Create an Automatic Follow-up System
A big task search mistake is just to focus on meeting new individuals and ignoring the people you already know. In fact, it’s very important to keep up with your current relationships! Contactually helps you consistently reengage with the most important people in your network by sending you automatic reminders to email people you haven’t talked to in a while.


10. Update Your LinkedIn Status Daily to Stay Top of Mind
This will make sure that you’ll remain on the radar of everybody you know– read: that they’ll remember you when an available opportunity opens. The best ways to do this without being frustrating? Share an article, a quote, or a project you’re working on. Other ways of appearing in the LinkedIn news feed are getting recommended, by adding a new connection, by joining a group, or by changing your photo.

Put these simple “hacks” into practice, and you’ll quickly see an improvement in your task search results. Meaning: You’ll land that dream job oh-so-much faster.

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