One Man Survived A Random Mishap On The Highway, All Thanks To His Wheel

Some us invest a lot of time driving that we forget just how hazardous it truly is.

If you think about it for a moment, however, you’ll realize that driving is one of the riskiest things any individual can do. Regardless of advances in safety technology, car accidents still account for a big percentage of deaths in the U.S. every year.

Usually, you can avoid of trouble by driving thoroughly. In some cases, however, you find yourself as the target of a freak mishap or twist of fate, like Redditor sames6840’s good friend did a couple of years back.

Sames6840 said his friend called out of work and sent him these pictures to describe why. That’s a piece of a semi truck that fell off onto the highway and was kicked up by another automobile.


That piece of metal then flew at high speed directly through his pal’s windscreen.


The only thing that saved his buddy’s life was the tough-as-nails steering wheel. It deflected the piece of metal.


While his pal survived unharmed, the individual sitting in the passenger seat received a small, however, nasty head wound.


That looks like it was injured, but it’s much better than having your face collapsed from a flying piece of metal on the road.

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